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Full IFR Flight

This is a long video but for a new instrument pilot there are many good tips. I take you from picking up my IFR clearance to shooting an approach and landing on the other side. I hope you enjoy. Please me know if you have questions.

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Go Around Button

In this video I show how to properly use the Go Around Button during a missed approach in the Cirrus Perspective.

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Cirrus landing at Cedar Key

Landing at Cedar Key in FL. 2355'x100' Great spot to check out if you are in FL working on some short field landings.

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Cirrus ESP Demonstration

This is a demonstration and explaination of the Envelope Protection that is available on late model Perspective aircraft

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S-Tec 55X autopilot Overview

Detailed over view of the S-Tec 55X autpilot that is found in the pre-Perspective Cirrus Aircraft.

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Night Landing Tips

This is an exterior video of a few night landings and some tips that I use to help with clients with night landings.

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Cirrus Perspective and Garmin G1000 Random Holds

In this video you will learn the basics of creating random holds with the new Cirrus Perspective/ Garmin G1000 software Update.

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Takeoff and Landing in Jackson County

short field Takeoff and landing

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Cirrus Vision Jet SF50 C2 flies

This is the first flight of the final Conforming prototype Cirrus Vision Jet.

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